Pros and Cons of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are very popular, but not everyone is a fan. It is undeniably romantic to exchange your vows on a windswept beach or at a European castle, yet there are certain pitfalls to far-flung weddings as well. Before you book your wedding, check out the pros and cons of destination weddings.

Pro: They can be cost effective for the bride and groom. This actually depends on the type of destination wedding you have in mind. Getting married at an all-inclusive resort can be very affordable, because the resort will often throw in a lot of the wedding expenses for free when you book your honeymoon there (sometimes called a “weddingmoon”). If you have your heart set on getting married in a storybook setting in Ireland or France, on the other hand, the costs will likely be quite a bit more than a local wedding, especially when you factor in travel and lodging costs.

Con: Destination weddings will be extra expensive for everyone else. Jetting off to Tahiti is not cheap, so keep in mind the financial burden you will be imposing on your guests if you elect to have your wedding in a far-flung locale. Some people may be unwilling to miss your wedding, even if they can’t really afford the trip, while others may decide to decline the invitation because of the expense. Before committing to a destination wedding, think carefully about the people that you especially want to have with you, and ask yourself if they will realistically be able to attend your nuptials if they are farm from home. It would be a good idea to help out your wedding party by paying for their attire and bridesmaid jewelry if you expect them to pay for their own airfare and hotel rooms.

Pro: When you have your wedding in your dream honeymoon locale, you are already on your honeymoon as soon as the reception ends! That sure beats spending your first day as newlyweds in a crowded airport.

Con: Not only will you be on your honeymoon, but so will your family. Having your parents around at the same resort while you bask in that sexy newlywed glow – definitely not romantic! If your parents want to tack a vacation onto your destination wedding, encourage them to arrive several days before the wedding instead of sticking around for a few days afterward.

Pro: Many tropical resorts have their own in house wedding coordinators who will gladly handle the details for you long distance. You may not have to do much more than shop for the wedding gown and bridal jewelry, the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry, and the wedding rings. A lot of couples love how little they have to do to plan a resort destination wedding.

Con: If you are a Type A person, giving carte blanche to a stranger to plan your wedding might be simply unbearable. The whole point of a tropical resort wedding is to enjoy the laid-back beauty of the islands; if you can’t see yourself leaving the details to the local wedding planner, you would be better off planning your own wedding at home where you can oversee everything personally.

There is definitely a lot to consider when deciding where to get married. Most people who had destination weddings will say that they would not have wanted to do it any other way, but a far-flung wedding is certainly not for everyone. Take into account your own ideas of the perfect wedding, your family, and your finances when weighing the option of a destination wedding.

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