Comparing Destination Weddings and Hometown Weddings

Today, more and more couples choose to have destination weddings instead of being wed in their hometowns. This is primarily because of the numerous benefits that destination weddings have. If you are wondering which one between a destination wedding or a hometown wedding would be more suited for you and your spouse-to-be, read on for some valuable information that might convince you that a destination wedding could be what you have always dreamed of having.

First off, destination weddings provide with the widest array of choices for your location. Destination weddings usually involve traveling to another location, which is actually one of its appeals. You would be able to choose your dream location and, together with your entourage, you would also have the opportunity to travel to another state or another country to celebrate your wedding. Although you also have the choice for your location if you choose to have a hometown wedding, your choices would be a bit limited.

Because couples can choose scenic locations, you could easily save money on decorations. For instance, you can choose having your ceremony and reception at a tropical resort overseas which could already provide you with a breathtaking backdrop of palms and tropical flowers.

Conventional hometown weddings usually last anywhere between three and five hours or longer if there is a break between your ceremony and your reception; while destination weddings take place for at least three days and most of the time, even longer. This is mainly because since you need to travel to the location, the wedding ceremony and activities are spread out over a period of several days.

Although destination weddings are longer than hometown weddings, they are often cheaper than the latter. This is possibly because again, you would be able to choose from a wide range of scenic locations according to your style and your budget unlike the limited amount of choices you have for a hometown wedding.

Destination weddings can also give you the freedom to choose the type of ambiance you would like to have for your wedding. Most of the time, hometown weddings can be very formal and made to conform to traditional rules which is generally okay if you are fine with the idea. However, for couples who want to have a more laid-back or casual wedding, destination weddings are certainly the way to go, which could allow them and their guests to relax and have fun during the celebration.

Aside from the theme or the overall tone of your wedding, you and your spouse-to-be would also have the freedom to whatever you want with a destination wedding. You just need to obtain your wedding license and have a licensed officiant and everything can be whatever you want. You can forget about the saying that the groom should not see the bride in her dress before the wedding. You and your spouse-to-be can check in the hotel days before the event and get dressed together and tell each other how beautiful or handsome your partner is before heading to the oceanside gazebo for the ceremony.

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